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The only Light Sport Biplane in serial production in the world, handcrafted for pure flying pleasure.

In addition to its modern design, the Comet is outstanding due to many facts, one being that it is the fastest bi-plane in the world regarding to the speed / power ratio. Another feature for this unique Biplane, which is rare, is that you are able to fold back the wings within minutes and tow the plane home to your garage.

The cockpit of the Comet is able to convert into many different configurations namely, both seats open cockpit, both seat closed cockpit “Bubble Canopy” and single rear “Race Canopy” with front cockpit covered. There is simple access to both seats as the cockpit fairing can be opened. The Comet offers a long luggage compartment in front and an optional compartment behind the pilot seat headrest.

A modern, mechanical flaperon system gives the Comet its high agility, while offering a good low speed handling characteristic, which makes landing the Comet possible even for the average pilots with some taildragger experience.

The Comet is definitely the FK design, which has been stressed to the highest level during load tests and flight analysis.  The wing load tests for example had been driven far beyond the required test limits up to +16/-8 gs (@450kg Aerobatic MTOW). Stress analysis has been done to meet the basic acrobatic FAR23 load requirements and the pilots are protected by an inert gas welded steel frame cockpit, which is very robust and easy to repair.

When registered as ultralight aircraft in most European countries, acrobatic manoeuvres are prohibited - regardless how far the plane is qualified for.
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Tech. Service
Wingspan 6,360 m
Length 5,955 m
Height 2,00 m
Empty weight in base configuration (without BRS) 286 kg
Demonstrated ultimate loads +14g / -7g (450 kg)
Max. demonstrated take off weight.
(Certified MTOW according regulations relating specific state of immatriculation Performance @475.5kg)
540 kg
Demonstrated Vne 220 km/h
Demonstrated Vstall 65 km/h
Cruise (75%) 185 km/h
Best climb / at 7,0 m/s at 100 km/h
Take off run over 15m obstacle 180 m
Total capacity 58 ltr
Usable fuel 56,8 ltr
Panel Options
  • airframe with open cockpits
  • new flaperon type for increased roll rate
  • diffuser style cooling system
  • 58ltr PE fuselage tank including drain valve
  • streamlined wing wires with end fairings
  • external wing connection mechanism including wing folding mechanism
  • elevator fuselage intersection fairing set
  • profiled elevator struts set
  • tailplane with additional acrobatic wirings (removable)
  • wheel fairings
  • three colour paint scheme and deco set type 
Powerplant & Propeller
  • Rotax 912 ULS (100hp) includes reduction gear-clutch, big size starter
  • 3-blade DUC carbon fibre CS fixed pitch propeller including stretched prop cone
  • stainless steel exhaust system
  • adjustable pedals
  • three colour comfort interior including Nappa leather
  • floor covering set 
  • hydraulic disc brake system
  • electric fuel booster pump and fuel pressure warning
  • mechanical elevator trim
  • additional electric low fuel warning system
  • cabin heat system
  • stall indicator
  • air speed indicator
  • altimeter (10000ft)
  • compass
  • slip indicator
  • oil pressure and oil temperature
  • CHT
  • Hobbs Meter
  • RPM indicator gauge
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